Faith United Church, Oswego, New York
Faith United Church, Oswego, New York
United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church USA

How to make an electronic donation to Faith United Church

The Presbyterian Foundation, in cooperation with Vanco Payment Solutions have made it possible for you to make secure electronic donations to Faith United Church. 

Here's how it works:

If you are a first time donor, you will want to have your credit card or bank account information at hand.  When you click the "give now" button below, you may immediately fill in the amount you wish to donate and which church funds you want it to go into (general fund, building fund, or special offerings).  On the next screen, you fill in your credit card or bank account information.  You will be given the chance to save the account information in a "profile" so you don't have to manually re-enter it every subsequent time you wish to make a donation.  Finally, you click to submit your donation.  It's that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create a profile?

No, you do not have to create a profile in order to donate, but there are advantages of doing so such as not having to re-enter your credit card or bank account information every time you want to make a donation and being able to look up your donation history.

Is there a processing fee taken out of my donation?

Yes, Vanco Payment Solutions charges a 2% processing fee. You may elect to have the processing fee added to your donation so that the church receives the full amount you originally intended.

Can I set up automatic, recurring donations?

Yes, you can.  You can make changes to the schedule or the amount at any time by logging into your profile.

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes, your receipt will be sent to the email address you provided.

Is my credit card/bank account information secure?

Yes. Vanco Payment Solutions meets or exceeds all industry standards to safeguard your data. To help ensure your data stays safe, we leverage technology such as tokenizing card data and encrypting sensitive information for transmission and storage. 

How do I tell you which special offering fund I want to donate to?

On the second donation screen (where you enter your bank account/credit card information) there is a box labeled notes where you can type in the name of the special offering fund.  For example: "One Great Hour of Sharing".  If you are donating to the general fund or the building fund, it is not necessary to type anything in the notes box.

Mail in your donation to Faith United Church

You can send in your donation to our church's mailing address: 
Faith United Church

12 Mark Fitzgibbons Drive

Oswego, NY 13126.


You can assist with or join one of our church's many organizations.  Your assistance, even if done remotely, is greatly appreciated.

Support the wider community

Make a donation to Oswego's Human Concerns Center, which is Oswego's emergency food pantry.  You may bring food items to their location at 85 E. 4th St., Oswego, NY or you may send them a monetary donation.

You can also make a monetary donation directly to the Food Bank of Central NY.