Faith United Church, Oswego, NY
United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church (USA)

Growing and Supporting Each Other in Faith

Growing in one's Christian faith should be regarded more as a life-long journey rather than a guilt trip.  The members of Faith United Church strive to support each other as we embark on this journey and grow into God's community. We learn to let our faith in God guide us in our relations with all we encounter in the world around us.  Through our use of the prayer chain, deacons care groups, fellowship events, and community outreach, we try as best we can to live by those ideals Christ modeled for us.

The growth of person's faith has both a community or group component and an individual component.  Here at Faith United, we have several groups that are open to any and all interested people such as choir, adult study, and faith circle.  To learn more about groups within Faith United Church, click here

There are also a number of faith building activities that we would like to offer for people to engage in outside of the church building, perhaps in your own home.  For more information on faith building activities you can do at home, click here:


How Can I Contribute?

There are two ways you can contribute to Faith United Church:  You may donate you time and talents to one or more of the many programs or serve on one of our committees or boards.  Or you may want to make a monetary contribution.